What types of risks are covered by title insurance?

• Standard Coverage addresses such risks as: forgery and impersonation; lack of competency, capacity, or legal authority of a party; deed not joined in by a necessary party (co-owner, heir, spouse, corporate officer, or business partner); undisclosed (but recorded) prior mortgage or lien; undisclosed (but recorded) easement or use restriction; erroneous or inadequate legal descriptions; lack of a right of access; and deed not properly recorded.

• First American's Eagle Policy covers all of the above risks plus: off-record matters, such as claims for adverse possession or prescriptive easement; deed to land with buildings encroaching on land of another incorrect survey; silent (off-record) liens, such as mechanic's or estate tax liens; pre-existing violations of subdivision laws, zoning ordinances or CC&R's (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions); post-policy forgery; forced removal of improvements due to lack of building permit; post-policy construction of improvements by a neighbor onto insured land; and location and dimensions of insured land (survey not required).