Coco "Chanel" McNeese

Coco Chanel McNeese was born March 15th, 2006. Although, now the picture of perfect health, Chanel was challenged very early in her life with a birth defect, which required open heart surgery. With the brilliant knowledge of the skillful doctors at Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine and the nurturing love of her human parents, Richard and Demetria, she made a full recovery.

Chanel is an honorary member of ECAR, the Leadership Development Program, Destiny Charity Wine Auction Foundation and is a regular attendee of A Simple Faith Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Among Chanel’s favorite past times are traveling, sampling gourmet cuisine, wine country tours and tastings and just hanging out with friends and family.
If you see Richard and Demetria, please feel free to peak in Dee’s large purse and say hello to Chanel, as she never meets a stranger.